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Book 2 - Decima King Series


      When an online content creator accidentally opens a portal to another dimension, Decima, Rennic and Stokes find themselves in a high stakes game of cat and mouse with a mysterious entity. Armed with the ability to mimic and a hauntingly selective hunting pattern, the entity leaves a trail of victims in its wake.    

     Facing a race against time, with mere days to unravel the truth behind their enigmatic adversary, the team must confront the unknown, unaware that the outcome could alter the course of history.

Release date April 13, 2024


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"The weaving of a police procedural with ancient sci-fi and mystical undertones was something I didn't know I needed in my life, but I am a huge fan now. Kudos to the author for giving me something unique to read."

- Reedsy


"Author T. Kolodziej has crafted a fascinating work that blends the best of dark and eerie genres to offer a complex and atmospheric adventure...Mimic is a highly recommended read for fans of intense supernatural dramas with plenty of suspense and thrills."

- Reader’s Favorite

“Mimic” is truly an experience that will leave readers feeling unsettled long after they finish reading the climactic ending.”

- ReaderViews

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