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T. Kolodziej

Supernatural Fiction


Canadian Author T. Kolodziej

Latest Release

Saving Fate

In an exquisite mansion tucked away in the remote Canadian wilderness, a diabolical sadist communes with the universe to divine their next victim.

In a nondescript apartment in the city, an ordinary woman, Decima King, has premonitions she can't explain and visitations she can't hide from.

Two detectives, reluctant new partners, happen upon a series of suspicious suicides. The victims are branded like livestock. A grim sign that someone held agency over these men before their demise.

The course of Decima's life is about to take an unexpected turn. Soon, another man will die and the next victim will go missing, thrusting her into the centre of a police investigation and into the world of the supernatural.

Life's chaos isn't random. It's meticulously orchestrated. Fate will ensure these lives collide. Bringing forth a revelation that binds them all.

SAVING FATE 2nd edition ebook cover final.png

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"Kolodziej does a deft job keeping the reader guessing..." - Kirkus Reviews

"Kolodziej creates pure gold with this work." - Reader's Favorite

"captivating...a fresh take on the supernatural thriller genre." - Literary Titan

Detective Jonathan Rennic from the novel Saving Fate by T. Kolodziej

Detective Jonathan Rennic  Ontario Police Service

Nyx from the novel Saving Fate by T. Kolodziej


Aethereum Primordial Entity 

Series Characters

Decima King from Saving Fate by T. Kolodziej

Decima "Dee" King

Detective Rebecca Stokes from Saving Fate by T. Kolodziej

Detective Rebecca Stokes

Ontario Police Service

M from Saving Fate by T. Kolodziej


Detective Gerald Clinton from Saving Fate by T. Kolodziej


Gerald Clinton

Ontario Police Service

Staff Sergeant Holtby from Saving Fate by T. Kolodziej

Staff Sergeant

Joseph Holtby

Ontario Police Service

Trys from Saving Fate by T. Kolodziej



About T. Kolodziej

T. Kolodziej is an emerging Canadian author who creates captivating stories that blend the supernatural, paranormal and horror with crime mysteries. Alongside her husband, she co-hosts The Triangulum, a podcast that delves into the same enigmatic topics found in her novels. When not exploring these intriguing realms, T. Kolodziej spends her time solving puzzle games in VR and entertaining her curious feline companions. 

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