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T. Kolodziej's Biography

Canadian supernatural mystery author T. Kolodziej

     T. Kolodziej is an emerging author who has recently stepped into the literary world with the publication of Saving Fate, a captivating blend of supernatural and paranormal fantasy that showcases her unique voice and storytelling abilities. Despite being relatively new to the publishing scene, she already has an ambitious lineup of upcoming works, including two novels that span across mystery, horror and police procedural genres, and a short story slated for release later this year.

     Driven by a passion for writing and a dedication to honing her craft, T. Kolodziej is excited to share her stories with readers across the globe. With a versatile writing style, she skillfully delves into and combines various realms of fiction, from supernatural and paranormal fantasy to mystery, horror and police procedurals, offering readers a refreshing and engaging reading experience. Beyond the world of writing, she hosts The Triangulum, a podcast where they discuss topics related to the supernatural, paranormal, mystical, and otherworldly.

     When not immersed in the world of writing or podcasting, she enjoys virtual reality puzzle games and binge watching docuseries from Strangest Things and Mysteries of the Abandoned  to Unearthed which often serve as inspiration for her creative endeavors. As she continues to grow as an author and storyteller, she looks forward to connecting with readers and sharing her passion for the extraordinary and unexplained.


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