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Saving Fate 

A Novel 

In an exquisite mansion tucked away in the remote Canadian wilderness, a diabolical sadist communes with the universe to divine their next victim.

In a nondescript apartment in the city, an ordinary woman, Decima King, has premonitions she can't explain and visitations she can't hide from.

Two detectives, reluctant new partners, happen upon a series of suspicious suicides. The victims are branded like livestock. A grim sign that someone held agency over these men before their demise.

The course of Decima's life is about to take an unexpected turn. Soon, another man will die and the next victim will go missing, thrusting her into the centre of a police investigation and into the world of the supernatural.

Life's chaos isn't random. It's meticulously orchestrated. Fate will ensure these lives collide. Bringing forth a revelation that binds them all.

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"a complex and brilliant story that had me reeling at times..." - Miche Arendse

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"complex and captivating...kept me on the edge of my seat..." - Alma Boucher 

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"Kolodziej creates pure gold with this work..." - Essien Asian 

Release 2023


A Novel

While Decima and the detectives assist the RCBI with Project Threshold, an online content creator dabbles in the supernatural for clicks, unwittingly disrupting the fabric of reality and opening a portal to a parallel world.

A new killing spree begins, and the RCBI needs the team’s help to unravel the mystery behind the string of perplexing deaths.

As Decima, Rennic and Stokes delve into the case, they unearth a chilling possibility: their murderer may not be human.

Decima and the detectives will face an enemy unlike any other. One that can hide in plain sight and is driven to hunt an unlikely prey—people with a distinct smell.

They’re up against the clock to save humanity from a fate once consigned to myth. If they don’t find it in time, humankind as they know it will be forever altered.

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Lake Halcyon

A Novel

It's not safe to go in the water. Any water.


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The Cold Room

A Short Story

In this haunting prequel to the Decima King series, Psychologist Dr. Tenebray Knox has a chilling encounter with Hannah Yates.

There’s been a double murder and as the conversation unfolds, it’s clear there is more to Hannah than meets the eye.

In this twisted tale of revenge, you’ll learn how far a soul will go to protect itself from the horrors of its past.

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